About Us

Salem Laundry Company has been helping our customers look their best for over four generations.

Founded in 1890, we’ve been a leader in cleaning clothes ever since. Our first self-serve laundry was built in 1956 in Salem at the beginning of the “coin-operated” laundry industry. That laundromat was also the first public laundry facility to eliminate coins when it was converted to a debit card system in the early 1990s.

Today, we’re a leader in providing our customer’s larger washers and dryers to efficiently and quickly process larger items and loads. We continue to monitor the industry to provide our customers with the best equipment available providing maximum cleaning, efficient drying, and professional results. 

Key Values We Follow


As a laundromat, we strive to get your clothes clean, but that doesn’t stop at the washers and dryers. We keep our facilities in top shape so your clothes can stay clean as you sort and fold.


We know that most people do not look forward to doing laundry, so we try to make it as quick and painless as possible. We utilize efficient washers and dryers that get the best results in the least amount of time.


We’ve always been a leader in the self-serve laundry industry, looking at the next step for our customers, from first utilizing coin operated machines to upgrading to debit card readers to implementing the next generation of high-speed washers and dryers.


Keeping our customers and employees safe is a must for our business. We maintain all of our locations to the highest standards and provide comprehensive instructions on how to use our washers and dryers so everyone can clean their clothes safely.


How many quarters will I need?

None!  Our store’s equipment operates with a Salem Laundry Card.  We do not require a deposit to get one and they can, and should, be reused!  You can add value to your card with cash, credit, debit and EBT cards.  You can use your Salem Laundry Card at all of our locations.

Which washer is right?

Clothes washing machines are designed to perform best when loaded fully but not “packed.”  If you are unsure which one to use, we suggest loading a medium sized machine.  If you have to push the load to close the door, select a larger machine.  If your machine is half full, or less, select a smaller machine.  Using the correct size will save you money while also giving you the best performance.

How much soap should I use?

We like to say, “think of how you add salt to your food when adding soap, a little makes your food taste good.  A LOT does not make it taste better!”  Adding too much soap actually wastes money as well as giving you a poor wash.  The biggest problem, of several, is that the soap will not all be removed with the rinses.  This can cause skin irritation as well as yellowing of your whites.  Follow the directions on the soap package for best value as performance.

Where do I put Pods?

Pods are designed to be inserted into the washing machine with your load instead of through the soap compartment.  Just toss them in with the load and start the machine!

Scent Beads?

Scent beads are for use in Washing Machines ONLY!  They dissolve in the water, add scent and are then absorbed into the fibers of your wash.  They are NOT for use in dryers and can cause poor airflow and increased dry times without adding any scent to your load!

Can I wash rubber backed rugs?

As long as your rubber backed rug is flexible and the rubber is solidly adhered to the fabric, they can be washed.  Rubber rugs which are old, dry, and cracked should NOT be washed.  Those tiny dry pieces of rubber will flake off of the fabric during the wash and collect in the drain and stop it from draining properly.  The machine will stop and the door will remain locked until a mechanic can service it.  We are not responsible for this type of damage.

What size dryer should I use?

Dryers are designed to be loaded about half way full for the best performance.  Putting too few items in a dryer does not actually speed up the drying process because they are built to have some air flow resistance by the load.  Having too few items causes the air to move through the dryer too quickly and interferes with the best heating. 

Why does my dryer stop every few minutes?

Our dryers provide fast, even, drying because they stop every few minutes and reverse the direction of the tumbler.  The airflow actually remains constant even when the tumbler has stopped.  Large items like sheets and comforters wind and unwind automatically because of the reversing which provides faster drys!